DO's & DON'Ts


Basic Maintenance Tips
How to take care of and clean your tile and grout

1, Always notice the condition of your grout & caulk while you shower. Attend to any openings immediately!

2, Always have a leaky shower head or faucet fixed right away. A small crack in the grout or caulk can lead to an expensive repair if it is not repaired. Leaky plumbing can also lead to expensive wall damage if not attended to right away.

3, Be aware of trouble areas in your shower and inspect them regularly. Areas include rim of a bathtub, spigots, spigot covers, shower windows, soap dishes, shower doors and stall shower base. At least once a month carefully visually inspect all these areas as well as all the tile in your shower for missing or cracked grout. Fixing these small problems early can save you hundreds in tile repair.

4, For showers with high humidity and low ventilation or with mold problems regularly bleach the area down. We use a 50/50 solution of water and bleach in a spray bottle or a bleach containing tub & tile cleaner. Spray on and allow it to soak for several minutes and rinse down. This should kill mold and mildew before it has a chance to bread and grow deep into the grout lines. Depending on how bad your problem is you may want to do this anywhere from once every two months to once a week. Always test any cleaners before using. Check with manufacture recommendations. This may not be recommended for some natural stone or marble. Mold is destructive and should be stopped as soon as it is detected.



To maintain your grout and tile in new look condition we recommend you ...

1, Wipe down all the walls with a towel after use. This removes water & soap scum before they dry.

2, If you don't wipe it at least squeegee the walls down. This will greatly help in keeping it clean

3, Once a week or two or at least once every 30 days spray all the walls down with a tub & tile cleaner like TILEX or Scrubbing Bubbles. Allow to soak for several minutes and sponge clean. Once finished rinse clean with water. This simple 10 minute process done once a month can add years to your tile and grouts appearance.

4, We strongly recommend getting a steam cleaner. They are perfect for cleaning stubborn floor grout and can take years off of the appearance of your tile and grout. They also have hundreds of other useful applications around the home or office. You can learn more about steam cleaners here. Simply put, there is nothing on the market that cleans grout better. To top it all off, it is chemical free cleaning! Super heated steam vapor gets the job done fast! Some companies charge hundreds of dollars to clean grout! Now you can own your own fun and easy to use steam cleaner.


Q: What is a sealer and should I seal my bathroom tile?
The sealer is a liquid that is applied to the grout about 2 days after the grout work is done. Once it is applied it soaks into the grout and dries creating a protective barrier against water and dirt. We strongly recommend you seal your grout and tile after it has been newly regrouted or any new tile work installed. It can greatly extend the life of your grout and even make it easier to clean as the dirt will tend to float on the surface rather then penetrate deep into the grout. You can also steam clean your grout for like new results and then seal it for results that last.

Q: How often should I seal my grout?
To protect your tile and grout you may want to perform regular maintenance including steam cleaning or regular cleaning a few times a year. It is also very important to visually inspect your whole for any missing or cracking grout or caulking. You should fix any such failing caulk or grout right away. If you like we can come in and power clean your walls, tend to any missing grout or caulk making sure you are protected and your walls are safe from any leaks. We will then re-seal your shower. Feel free to call about this service.

Q: Can I regrout my shower myself?
A: Yes, in fact we offer a comprehensive regrouting video that teaches you how. We also sell off of the important grout removal tools right here at Just Renew-It! The video is very inexpensive and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars as well as earn the pride knowing you did it yourself. If you are a professional looking to make a lot of money regrouting, reglazing, recaulking or doing tile repair try out videos! We show you how.

Q: How do I keep my shower looking clean and new?
A: There are a few tried and true methods you can use but first, remember that we offer a full cleaning & maintenance service for your shower. We will be happy to come in and periodically steam clean or power clean your shower for like new results.

If you are going to clean it on your own the most effective of all is to simply dry the walls and tub with a towel after every use. By doing this soap scum and hard water will have no chance to build up. Mold can only grow in a high moisture environment so if you dry it you should have no problems with mold. Another good method is to use a shower squeegee to dry the walls after your shower. Some of our cleaning kits come with a free squeegee.

From time to time, at least once a month it is important to thoroughly clean your shower. First, spray all the walls down with a tub and tile cleaner. If you have mold be sure to use a product containing bleach like TILEX mold & mildew remover. Otherwise, use something like a TILEX soap scum remover or any other popular liquid non abrasive tile cleaner. Soak the walls and let sit for about 5 minutes. Come back with a plastic a plastic scrubbing pad and (PLEASE REVIEW THE DO's & DON'T's IN REGLAZING SECTION!) Scrub down the walls and tub (never use abrasives on a re-glazed tub or acrylic/plastic surfaces). This should take little effort and should leave you with a bright new looking shower. Now simply dunk the large sponge in the pail of water and lift the soaked sponge to flush off the walls. Same goes for the tub unless it was reglazed then simply use the sponge in place of the scrub pad provided. For a reglazed tub use a sponge in place of our scrub pad! Always test new cleaners or abrasive pads on surface before you clean.

Q: I have really bad hard water and I cant get my tile clean.
A: There are several products available on the market. CRL and LIME AWAY are just two. Simply follow the directions. Many people recommend white vinegar but I have found in most cases it does little to solve this problem. Often the only way to get the tile clean is to razor each tile with a sharp blade. Test a small area first. The Doodle pad we provide in the cleaning kit can also be very affective when combined with a tub & tile cleaner or a CRL. A little elbow grease usually does the trick.

Q: What do I do if I find some grout or caulk has opened up?
A: Make sure you call us to fix this problem or fill it yourself. A small hole that allows water to get behind your tile or tub can over a period of time, even a short time, make this seemingly insignificant problem into a huge mess and a costly repair. It is a good idea to stop once every month and eye-up the entire shower looking for holes or openings. These minor problems can be fixed with a minimum of effort but left alone can become a real problem. If you think your grout it failing you should have it regrouted. Give us a call and let ‘Just Renew-It!' take care of it for you.

Q: How do I get that gunk out of my shower door tracks?
A: Try our powerful steam cleaners! They can blast the grime out of the smallest of places. Otherwise you can take a plastic abrasive pad or towel and a screw driver, a butter knife might work too. Wad up the pad and stuff it in the track with the screw driver and begin scrubbing the track. Do the same for both sides and use some tub and tile cleaner. After, simply flush out the track with clean water. If the drain holes are clogged you may use the utility knife or just the end of the screw driver to scrape clean the drain hole openings to allow the water to run out. For hair clumps and other material use the screwdriver as a sort of a shovel and push the dirt up on it with your finger. If you use an abrasive pad be sure you do not damage surface. Test first.

Q: How do I get my shower doors clean?
.A: There is no easy answer for glass doors. Plastic doors are even worse. Try the steps described in the "How do I keep my shower looking clean and new" & the Hard Water sections. A good cleaning and scrubbing is all you can do. If you feel the need we can remove and refit new shower doors for you.


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