Here are a few actual statements made by Just Renew-It customers that have purchased our products or services. We have yet to have an unhappy customer and we are very proud of it. We stand by our slogan, "Work With Pride" To respect the privacy of customers we use the star key ( * ) in place of last names or phone numbers.




Training Videos
E-Mail Message

Thanks for the fast shipment! I was impressed, I ordered and got the videos in like 3 days. I just finished the regrouting video and the tile repair video. AMAZING! I was up all night, I couldn't stop watching. I just had to write. You laid everything out so clear and your voice over commentary throughout the videos was so valuable! I never knew there was so much to the business. I thought I knew how to repair tile but I was wrong. I got so many ideas and learned so much. I was happy that it was ALL real in home footage. Ya can't beat that. I can't wait to add these services to my cleaning business. I'm betting I add thousands of dollars in sales a month offering these new services. Oh, and thanks for the sample of the grout removal bits. They work GREAT. I can't believe how easy they took the grout in my shower out and how cheap they are. You have a customer for life! Let me know when your other videos come out. They are worth every cent! I'll call you tomorrow about ordering that orange/red grout removal grinder.
Mark *********


Training Videos
An E-Mail Response

"Hi....I just finished watching your videos ( I bought the complete package) I was very impressed, I live in Vegas & have been in the tile & grout cleaning business for about 3 years..( I use a van-mounted cleaning system). Over the past couple of years I have taught myself grout & tile repair & have done a couple of complete shower regrouts using a dremel tool. I cannot stress how great the information on the videos was, I learned TONS of tricks & tips....the kind of stuff that would of taken years to learn on my own. I am going to take the plunge & get into regrouting & shower repairs full-time ( the carpet cleaners are all getting into tile & grout cleaning anyway). I have turned down TONS of shower repair jobs over the years....not anymore!!! Thank-you for putting the time & effort into producing the videos. Sincerely Rory **** P.S. Are any of the other videos done yet?"

Training Videos
An E-Mail Response

"It's one of the first times I have ordered a training video series where it actually took you on REAL JOBS ,IN REAL CUSTOMERS homes and showed everything from start to finish how to DO THE WORK, not just tell you about it. To tell you the truth I bought the tapes to do my own bathroom, but when I watched your tapes and saw that I really could start a business and make Fantastic money..well I was sold and thanks to the great training tapes I finished my bathroom (looks new) and just got my first job doing a re-grout, it will take me one day to complete.. and I'll make $325.00..NOW THAT'S A GREAT DAY'S PAY!!!!!!
Thanks again, Neil ******* "

Training Videos, Estimate Forms, Videos
An E-Mail Response

"The flyers and the estimate sheets came today, They look awesome. I'm going to start posting them next week,I finished My bathroom and it looks like new (and it was in bad shape) My neighbor had a look and she wants me re-grout her whole bathroom! Thanks to your outstanding training tapes I feel I'm really ready to make this business work. Right now I'm working with a Dremel multi-speed with the flex extension, but will try to get a fein soon
Thank you and God bless, Neil *******"

Training Videos
Voice Mail Message

"Hi, I just called to to say thank you for the tapes. I got the reglazing video about a year ago. I was impressed but skeptical I went forward and my company has grown rapidly. I have 2 guys working under me doing all the work and I have never been more excited about life. I'm getting ready to quit my old job and do this full time. The money is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Me and my wife are clearing out the basement and turning it into an office. None of this would have been possible without your training videos. I will be back to order a steam cleaner shortly as well as the rest of the videos. I see a lot of opportunity in my area for making good money cleaning floor grout. Well, I better let you go. Thanks agian. Jason ****** "

Training Videos
E-Mail Message

"This is Mike *****, I ordered your video package deal sometime last year. I just wanted to write and thank you. We are now offering regrouting, tile repair and reglazing. I booked my first job like a month after ordering your tapes and it has been non stop since then. I worked for a retail store and my job was okay, I guess. Now I love what I do. Just like you said on the videos, when you finish a job and the customer sees the finished job they are almost always shocked and excited on how nice it looks. Now that feels good! I love my new job and I quit my retail job a few months ago. Me and my girlfriend are making a killing. These new steam cleaners sound great. When is the steam video going to be done? I want it very much. Can you tell me some more about the steamers? Give me a call at 1-712-***-****
Mike ***** "

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"I was very impressed..."
"My bathroom looks like new and..."
"I got them and they look awesome..."
Videos... "Real jobs in real customers homes and..."
"Thanks to the great training tapes I finished..."
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We get many calls and E-Mails like the ones above and as the founder of Just Renew-It! I have to admit it makes me feel good about what we do. We always try to do what it takes to give you the best in low cost, quality tools, training & services. As you can see by the testimonials, the effort pays off. One of the best parts of this job is hearing the excitement in peoples voices or reading it in their letters after they finish watching the training videos, complete their first bathroom remewal project, or get their tools or supplies in the mail.

There is no faster or cheaper way to completely restore a bathroom then with our powerful in home services. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars replacing their bathroom when for a fraction of the price people like you can restore? So, do you want to begin making hundreds of dollars a day working in a rewarding, honest and high demand business of your own? Take a look at some of our before and after photos here. After you view them imagine the pride you will feel after you learn to do work just like it, while, I might add, getting paid handsomely for doing it. Thank you for taking the time to review our service and we look forward to hearing from you.



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