Vapor Rino 145 PSI
Commercial Steam Cleaner
Includes HOT Detergent Injection & Cart
Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Cleaner


* Home Use
(has hundreds of uses around the home. allergy and asthma friendly)
Antiques & Ceramics (blasts off grime and restores old items)
Grout Cleaning Services (Perfect for grout! Make big money restoring tile & grout)
Janitorial Services (makes cleaning a pleasure. Powerful no chemical sales pitch)
Cleaning Services (Add to your list of services and increase profits!)
Schools (powerful cleaning solution to chemical free school policies)
Hospitals (chemical free cleaning & surface disinfecting of rails, beds, bathrooms won't harm patients)
Restaurants (unbelievable cleaning power cleans floors, degreases pots, pans, cleans hoods & more)
Hotels & Motels (clean & restore bathrooms, lobbies, floors and save thousands in cleaners)
Auto-Shops (clean & degrease parts, tools and much more without chemicals)
Auto-Detailers (blast out hard to reach details, clean rims & more)
Car Dealerships (keep the show room spotless)
Day Spas (Kills germs on contact)
Military (powerful cleaning for powerful needs)
Health Clubs (clean showers, locker rooms)
Office Buildings (clean during business hours, no harmful chemicals)
Pools (cleans pool rails, decks, filters, walk ways & more)
Reception areas (Clean tile & grout, give customers a good first impression)
Dentists offices (clean tools, chairs and more)
Nursing Homes (cleans hundreds of items without toxic fumes)
Clean Furniture (kill dust mites with super hot steam vapor)
Disinfect Bedding (disinfect bedding without stripping the bed)
Electronics (blast clean switches, circuits and more)
Cleans Freezers (hot vapor melts & cleans grim so you don't have to empty & thaw freezer)
No Chemicals Allowed (cleans in places chemicals are not permitted)
Bars & Pubs (clean dried on spilled drinks, food. Eliminate odors and germs)
Veterinarians (safely clean & disinfect cages, exam tables, no harmful fumes for animals)
The uses are unlimited. You will find yourself cleaning everything in your home or office. Order yours today!
Steam Cleaning Is Fast, Fun & Easy! 
Vapor Rino 145 PSI Commercial Steam Cleaner
Includes HOT Detergent Injection & Integrated Cart
Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Cleaner
REMARKABLE - NEW - REVOLUTIONARY -  America's Most Powerful 120 Volt, 15A Chemical Injected All Electric Vapor Steam Cleaner EVER! Clean old tile and grout, greasy kitchens, automotive detailing work, bubble gum removal, dry car washing, HVAC Cleaning, Clean Freezers, Kill Bed Bugs, Mop floors, Sanitize Surfaces and more.
Available Now in 120 or 240 Volt.  240V Here Now! Click for more info

About The Vapor Rino 145: Thank you very much for visiting. We are so excited about the Vapor Rino. Though I should probably keep all of this positive, the phrase 'it's about time' keeps coming to mind!  Seriously, this has been decades in the 'wanting'. Finally a true commercial quality steam cleaner with a real heavy duty feel that offers serious maximum PSI. We have never seen a 120 volt, 15 amp portable vapor steam cleaner with 10 bars of pressure (that means 145 PSI) sold anywhere and we have been in this business for a long time. We are told that this is the most powerful commercial vapor steam cleaner ever built in this configuration anywhere in the world. This new Vapor Rino is truly the most powerful all electric, 120V, 15A, Chemically injected commercial vapor steam cleaner you can buy anywhere at any price as of 2014!

Overview: Before I go on, let me summarize the features. 145 PSI (10 Bars), 120 Volts 1,750 Watts (240 Volt Coming soon) 95% dry vapor steam output, hot chemical/water injection system with detergent flow control, 100% adjustable steam flow, built in cart, accessories basket, hangers, locking rubberized 5" wheels, large commercial steam cleaner accessory kit, detachable / replaceable steam hose and hangers for your hose, cord or squirt bottles. All in all, this is an amazing package. So let's break it down. I will discuss these features below one by one.

Very Impressed: I have one of these beautiful Vapor Rino systems sitting next to me right now as I write this and I have to say,,, wow! Solid looking, solid feeling right out of the box and what a great head of steam!  I can't wait to get my hands on a 240 volt version. Either way, this is now my favorite vapor steam cleaner of all time. There is no doubt in my mind if I were back in my contracting days what machine I would purchase. In 20 years of working with and dealing with commercial vapor steam cleaners I have never been this impressed. By the way, Rino is pronounced "Rhino" just like the wild animal.

Size and Weight: So let's talk a bit about this industrial quality commercial vapor steam cleaner, the Vapor Rino. First, it weighs in at right around 49 lbs with water. That weight does not include accessories. With handle it stands about 36" with a low width profile of only about 16". This low profile means it's easy to roll through doorways, transport in cars, move around your building and easy to store.

Integrated Cart: The Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner has an integrated cart with an easy to remove and replace handle system. The handle attaches solidly with NO tools and the chemical and water reservoirs detach by simply unplugging them from the side of the machine and lifting them out. The fact that this handle is easily removable might be useful to the contractor that needs to fit the machine into a tight space like the trunk of a car.  The plugs are color coded and labeled so it's a piece of cake to be sure you are reconnecting everything exactly right. The cart also features a basket for your accessories, cleaning products, rags, or your lunch!  The stainless steel rack also features two hooks, one on each side. These are perfect for hanging your steam hose and cord when not in use. The vapor systems hooks are also great for hanging squirt bottles or hanging a rag between uses. The system also features foot tap locking wheels to make sure your integrated steamer/cart system doesn't roll way! A perfect setup for the mobile carwash, mobile automotive detailer, cleaning contractor or janitorial service.

Hot Chemical Injection: The Vapor Rino heavy commercial steam cleaner comes with a powerful hot detergent injection system that is activated right from the gun. The detergent goes into one of the two jugs that sit on the top of the unit. See pictures. This bottle can be filled with your favorite cleaning solution. Cleaning products like grease busting Dawn or Ajax liquid dish soap mixed with water or other detergents purchased from the hardware store. Just nothing flammable or corrosive. You can fill the chemical jug with Zip Wax solution, other wash and wax or automotive carwash solutions and instantly you have a hot wash & wax carwash system! Of course, this same principle goes for detergents. Steam is great, but steam and detergent is a powerful grease fighting combination. Perfect for commercial kitchen cleaning, rest rooms, dorms, restaurants, bars and much more.

Hot Water Injection: Simply fill the chemical jug with ordinary water and you now have a hot
water injected commercial steam cleaner. This a is powerful feature used in many industries.
Car washing, detailing, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, grout cleaning, pest control and
so many more. Remember, we give you TWO large 5 liter injection bottles! This allows you to
switch between soap injection or water injection by simply switching the bottles. Switching a
bottle can take as little as 10 seconds! Fast, easy and convenient. This accessory kit was put
together by people that have actually used vapor steam cleaners in the field as cleaning
contractors. This is why you see the awesome accessory package you see here. Vapor Rino
goes the extra mile to make your job that much easier.

100% Control: The hot detergent / hot water injection system is totally controllable! That's right, FINALLY,, a vapor cleaner with a flow control on the injection side. No more wasted soap or water! You can turn the knob on the front of the Vapor Rino commercial steam cleaner easily adjusting how much soap gets mingled with your steam output. If you want a strong soap solution crank it up. Want just a little bit of soap in your steam flow, turn it down. Totally adjustable. Control is power! No more wasted detergent and no more over wetting a surface or putting out too much cleaning solution. YOU decide how much comes out! By the way, did you catch that you can activate the injection system with a flick of your thumb right from the steam gun?  Gone are the days of climbing out of a car or work spot, walking across the room just to turn on the injector button on the machine. Now it's activated from the steam gun, on demand, when you need it. If you can move your thumb, you can activate the injector. Nice!

Like control? Well who doesn't, right? With Vapor Rino you also get to have 100% control over your steam flow output! Want maximum steam output, crank the dial up all the way. Want a slower flow, lower it. You can even turn it down so low that only a soft slow drift of steam flows out of the nozzle tip. From a slow drift to 145 PSI of blasting power, From off to 100%, YOU DECIDE!

Coated Heavy Duty Wheels: I was surprised by the wheels. That's right, the quality actually extends all the way down to the wheels! First of all, they are clearly heavy duty. This is not some cheap Chinese add on part. This is first world workmanship! The wheels are dual layer with a solid core. NO FLAT TIRES! The outside of the wheels are coated with a chemical resistant soft rubberized coating. Makes for soft movement across tile, asphalt and even rugs. The wheels both front and back are 5" tall insuring easy rolling over reasonably rough surfaces. The rear wheels are mounted on a heavy duty C frame stainless steel bracket. See pictures. This is truly rock solid craftsmanship.

Locking Heavy Duty Front Wheels:  The front wheels have a heavy duty set of castors. Now when I think castors, I often think of the little plastic ones found on other steam cleaners on the market. This is not the case here. These are heavy steel and very rugged, smooth rolling and smooth spinning wheels and castors. See pictures. The front wheels feature a sure grip foot lock system. Both of the wheels lock and when locked this baby is not going anywhere!

Side note about the locking wheels: I noticed the front wheels lock in any position but when they are angled back they not only lock the rolling action of the wheel but they also lock into a groove that prevents the castors from spinning as well!  Either way you use them, this is true fine craftsmanship.

The Pressure Gauge: The Vapor Rino 145 PSI Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner also has a solid state analogue pressure gauge. This is not some cheap digital gauge, but rather the real deal. Industrial users want quality, and quality is what you get. The gauge reads in both European standard Bars and USA standard PSI. This is nice as many of the other systems out there only read Bars or only PSI. There is a set of heavy duty buttons on the front. One activates the power, the other activates the boiler.

Accessories: The unit comes with a large load of high quality accessories as well as a replaceable steam hose. The hose is about 11.5 feet and the power cord about just under 13.5 feet long. Of course you can use a heavy duty extension cord. In doing so, you can extend your reach anywhere.

Cooling Systems: Okay, there is one more really great feature to this unit that virtually all other systems on the market are missing. It has a built in cooling fan! Yep, it took two decades but finally someone has decided that the electronics should be cooled! Though electronic problems are not that frequent, there is little doubt that subjecting circuit boards, wires and connectors to such high heat day in and day out takes a toll.  Now with the Vapor Rino 145 PSI heavy commercial vapor steam cleaner your electronics will be cooled! This ventilation rounds off this system as a true one of a kind professional vapor steam cleaner.

The bottom line is this: The PSI alone takes the day but all these other features make it an easy choice. Vapor Rino is sure to quickly become the new King of the Vapor Steam Cleaner Jungle!  Two thumbs up and all the gold stars we can find go to this one of a kind precedent setting vapor system. Thank you Vapor Rino!
Also Available in:
240 Volt - Click Here to see (Awesome Power!)
120 Volt - shown on this page
Vapor Rino Has
Thousands Of Uses!
VIDEOS: Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners in ACTION
Vapor Rino Automotive Detailing 145 PSI
Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino Car Wash 145 PSI
Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino Promo 145 PSI
© 2014 Vapor Rino - All Rights Reserved
Vapor Rino Promo 145 PSI
© 2014 Vapor Rino - All Rights Reserved
Steam in Action:Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Chem Injected Vapor Steam Cleaners are perfect in Kitchens
Dry Carwash Steam Cleaner PT-1
Vapor Rino 145 PSI Vapor Steam Cleaner = Perfect Dry Carwash
Steam in Action:Cleaning Tile & Grout
Vapor Steam Cleaner attacking Dirty Grout!
Steam in Action: Dry Carwash PT-2
Vapor Rino is the ultimate portable dry car wash system
Accessories Video
See a short introduction to the Accessories
Leather Seat Steam Cleaning
Using a Vapor Steam Cleaner to auto detail Leather Seats
Vapor Rino Mobile Car Wash & Detail 145 PSI
Cleaning a Golf Cart
Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Latest Video
Vapor Rino IN ACTION
Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner

• 145 PSI,  Triple Tank, Chemical Injection, Bult In Cart,
• 120 Volt, 15 Amp  1750 Watts  (240V coming Late 2014!)
Twin Heating Elements - Heating time about 15 minutes!
Chemical Injection System with adjustable flow control
• 45 Lbs /  22.2 Kg Dry
• Detachable Steam House 11' 7" long
• Power Cord 13'5" long
• Height from ground to handle top 35." (Just under 3' tall)
• Dimensions: 16"w x 21"d x 35"h
Also Included:
Pro Grade, Commercial Steam Cleaner Accessory Kit  Included Standard: 
• Long metal single hole jetted detail nozzle.
• Short plastic single hole jetted detail nozzle
• 3 Brass 1" detail brushes that fit the two single hole detail nozzles mentioned above. This brush is the softest, ideal for grout cleaning and less abrasive work.
• 3 Nylon  1" detail brushes that fit the two single hole detail nozzles mentioned above. This brush is harder then the nylon. For medium work.
• 3 Stainless Steel 1" detail brushes that fit the two single hole detail nozzles mentioned above. This brush the hardest brush and is for heavy abrasive work
• One approximately 3" Medium round brush for medium surfaces like counter tops, floors and sinks.
• One approximately 3" Medium Triangle brush for medium sized surfaces. Triangle shape designed for getting into corners easily.
• One jetted window steam squeegee. Great for glass, mirrors, smooth surfaces like stainless steel, ceramic & more.
• Two Easy stand and clean, heavy duty insulated, stand & clean professional grade, light weight aluminum extension poles. 18" each.
• One Short 9" heavy duty insulated pro grade, light weight aluminum extension pole. Perfect for short reaches or to add to the two long poles for an even longer reach.
• One 12 foot long insulated, detachable steam hose with Easy hold, fingertip trigger, Ergonomically designed steam gun.
• One Large cotton floor mop / wipe cloth.
• Easy Quick Connect & Disconnect on all hoses and attachments!
• Easy Fingertip Steam Activation on Gun
• Large heavy duty triangle jetted brush & and hand held steam mop with lockable swivel head and mounted towel clips.
• Large heavy duty  11+ inch multi use scrub brush, squeegee and steam mop head combo with swivel lockable head and built in towel clips.
• Easy read Indicator Light for low water and steam ready.
• A REAL built in Easy Read, real metal, solid state pressure gauge, not cheap plastic digital readout.
• Easy simple to use steam Flow / Pressure Adjustment knob. 100% adjustable! Works much like a common garden hose.
• Basic PDF Operations Manual for this Commercial Steam Cleaner
• Limited Lifetime Warranty (1 year parts & labor, 3 years parts, lifetime of the boiler) Commercial Steam Cleaner 

Important Note: New Upgraded Accessory Kit Coming!!!
The new accessory kit will include everything you see below plus much more. Details coming soon!
Warranty & Policies
Manufacture Lifetime Warranty 
1 Year Parts & Labor | 3 Years Parts | Lifetime on Boiler

Read more about the Manufactures Warranty here. Get answers to common Questions & Answers here.

If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center.  Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. Orders outside the lower 48 United States may have an additional shipping charge. Call for more information. We ship world wide! This is not a vacuum or extraction system. It is a high quality professional vapor steam cleaner. If you have questions give us a call or you can write us here.

Read Full Warranty Here
You will find it on the last page of the manual
Welcome to the 3 in 1, 145 PSI  Vapor Rino Steam System = 2016's America's Most Exciting all electric Eco/ Enviornmental friendly, low water use 120 Volt, 15A, All Electric, mobile steamer. What makes the 3 in 1 120Volt version more attractive to some users then our 230 volt unit? Only one thing really, ease of powering it up. Simply plug it into pretty much any standard USA household power outlet. From moms house to the work place the 120V is easy to plug in & fire up. You can also go 100% mobile with a generator. With water usage ranging from ONLY 1 to 3 gallons of water PER HOUR you will never again be stuck lugging around large water tanks. This system can be used 100% mobile or stationary in your shop or for cleaning your home or resturant. Going from job site to job site is a snap with the ultra portable 120 volt 3 in 1 Vapor Rino. Want more consistancy of power & significantly greater productivity see our powerful 230V version here. Firing up a 230V Rino is easier then you might think. 230V = Max Power = maximum performance

EXCITING NEWS: Vapor Rino has done it again. Revolutionary! Now introducing the 3 in 1!  #1) It’s a 95% dry vapor steam cleaner, #2) it’s a wet hot water and hot soap injected steam cleaner & now #3) it is a dry or wet steam upholstery extraction powerhouse! Just plug your shop vacuum (or other suction source) into the back of the unit & with our optional 7 pc extractor kit you have a full fledged automotive carpet spotter / upholstery extractor! Super heated steam & hot water just does it better! Unlike others our unique design has NO complex integrated circuitry & no overpriced replacement vacuums! If your vacuum ever burns out just run down to your local hardware store & get another! Simplicity, beauty, Vapor Rino! From tile & grout, restroom cleaning, mobile car washing to interior detailing of cars, Vapor Rino has you covered. More information and videos on the 3 in 1 coming. See the 230V here.

Your Price: $2,595
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120 Volt Version
120 Volt Version
Offer #1: This is the basic systems with all the bells & whistles. Full 50 accessory kit plus the VR145, 120 Volt Vapor Rino, ready to work. The 120V unit allows you to plug into virtually any standard house hold outlet and get to work. Simplicity! Extractor ready, see below.

Your Price: $2,795
List Price: $3,599    Sale Price Was $2,995
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Offer #2: Everything shown above PLUS you get the 7pc hose and extractor upholstery cleaning kit! Unlock the full power & potential of the Vapor Rino 3 in 1 system here. You will only need to provide suction.  Everything else shown in offer #1 above is included.
Extractor Kit
120 Volt Version
120 Volt Version
120 Volt Version