80 PSI Viper Hot Auto Wash with
Hot Water & Detergent Injection!

1800 Watts, 120V, Continuous Fill (easy fill) Boiler System with External Refill Tanks, Ultra PortableHot Water & Soap Injection on Demand + Dry Steam all in one unit!
The Viper Auto Wash is a fantastic commercial grade portable dry vapor steam cleaner. It features hot water or chemical injection. Just add detergent or simple water to the large injection tank on the back! Perfect for thousands of jobs. Also includes an easy refill, no stop work, dual tank continuous fill boiler system. A full accessory kit, and 1800 Watts of working power round out this great professional system. Weighing in at just 25 lbs, it is a mobile detailers dream.
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Dry Carwash - Mobile Carwash - "waterless Carwash" (Perfect for adding wash-n-wax solutions and steaming off grime with LOW water usage)
Indoor Carwash & detailing (Done right, not a drop of water hits the floor! Perfect for cleaning in showrooms and garages)
Automotive Detailing (Detailing car interiors has never been easier! Dry steam is taking over the business for a reason!)
* Home Use (has hundreds of uses around the home. allergy and asthma friendly)
Antiques & Ceramics (blasts off grime and restores old items)
Grout Cleaning Services (Perfect for grout! Make big money restoring floor tile & grout)
Janitorial Services (makes cleaning a pleasure. Powerful no chemical, low water usage, eco friendly sales pitch)
Cleaning Services (Add to your list of services and increase profits!)
Schools (powerful cleaning solution to chemical free school policies)
Hospitals (chemical free cleaning & surface disinfecting of rails, beds, bathrooms won't harm patients)
Restaurants (unbelievable cleaning power cleans floors, degreases pots, pans, cleans hoods & more)
Hotels & Motels (clean & restore bathrooms, lobbies, floors and save thousands in cleaners)
Auto-Shops (clean & degrease parts, tools and much more without chemicals)
Auto-Detailers (blast out hard to reach details, clean rims & more)
Car Dealerships (keep the show room spotless)
Day Spas (Kills germs on contact)
Military (powerful cleaning for powerful needs)
Health Clubs (clean showers, locker rooms)
Office Buildings (clean during business hours, no harmful chemicals)
Pools (cleans pool rails, decks, filters, walk ways & more)
Reception areas (Clean tile & grout, give customers a good first impression)
Dentists offices (clean tools, chairs and more)
Nursing Homes (cleans hundreds of items without toxic fumes)
Clean Furniture (kill dust mites with super hot steam vapor)
Disinfect Bedding (disinfect bedding without stripping the bed)
Electronics (blast clean switches, circuits and more)
Cleans Freezers (hot vapor melts & cleans grim so you don't have to empty & thaw freezer)
No Chemicals Allowed (cleans in places chemicals are not permitted)
Bars & Pubs (clean dried on spilled drinks, food. Eliminate odors and germs)
Veterinarians (safely clean & disinfect cages, exam tables, no harmful fumes for animals)
The uses are unlimited. You will find yourself cleaning everything in your home or office. Order yours today!
Steam Cleaning Is Fast, Fun & Easy! 
One of our Most Powerful 120 Volt Steam Cleaning Units! Clean old tile and grout, greasy kitchens, auto detail work, low water mobile carwash, bubble gum removal, dry car wash, Automotive detailing and much more. Inject hot detergent or hot water right into the dry steam flow with a push of a button!  A fantastic compact dry vapor industrial  steam cleaning system!
The Vapor Rino, Viper Hot Auto Wash is an amazing high powered, compact piece of industrial Steam  Cleaner technology. It is one of our factory's newer product lines first introduced in 2014.  Boasting 1,800 Watts and a hot chemical/soap or water injection  system. It is based off of the VC 5000-Ci's legendary architecture and in many ways is  very much the  same in size & functionality. Features dry vapor steam and with a push of a button, hot chemical or hot water injection. What's new is its ultra portable low profile light weight design and the EXTERNAL refill tanks located in the rear of the unit. The tank on the right can be filled with simple tap water for hot water injected rinsing & cleaning OR you can fill it with your favorite cleaning detergent for super heated, powerful grease cutting soapy cleaning. (Note, simple low  cost Dawn liquid dish detergent diluted with water or you favorite wash and wax liquid soap works great!) Steam and hot water are both very powerful cleaning tools, but when you add a few drops of detergent it can make a very big difference in a variety of cleaning applications.
This system also features an easy fill (Continuous Fill) dual tank boiler system. The boiler refill tank (on the left side) is non pressurized so you can add water anytime, even while in use! This means you never have to worry about running out of steam or turning off your steamer just to refill it. Continuous fill systems save you time. Some common applications are Automotive Detailing, RV Cleaning, greasy commercial kitchen cleaning, bubble gum removal, sticker removal, commercial bathroom cleaning, floor grout cleaning, auto detail cleaning, dry steam Car Washing, application of zip wax after car wash and much more. This Chemical injection systems makes it a true industry specific capable, Commercial Steam Cleaner. Comes Fully Assembled and ready to work right out of the box! All accessories are replaceable and can be ordered right online or by phone. Accessories Included!
The Viper Hot Auto Wash Is Maximum Power!  This continuous fill vapor steam cleaner is truly a maximum power, full commercial / industrial grade dry vapor steamer. Our Viper Auto Wash Elite Class Steamer features a continuous fill steam generation system with a massive 1800-WATT,  120Volt power system. When we say our system is maximum power we are serious. It's powerful 1800w core is indeed maxed out! How so? Because you simply can't get any more then 1800 watts out of a  standard 15amp household outlet, without tripping a breaker. So when you want maximum steam power, steam generation and recovery while still being able to plug into a standard outlet, the Viper fits the bill.
What is continuous fill? Simply put a continuous fill vapor steam cleaner has two tanks. One is a steam generation tank (boiler) and the other is the cold water refill tank. Since the refill tank is not pressurized you have to ability to add water even while working, without shutting the steamer off. Gone are the days of having to cool the steamer down before refilling it and then waiting for it to warm back up. You can actually add water on the fly, even while the steamer is being used. The Viper's intuitive twin tank technology makes it all possible. Also note that when the refill tank runs low you  will hear a beeping sound and see a flashing orange light on the steamers panel indicating its time  to add water. Adding water can take as little as 30 seconds and you are back up and steaming  immediately! This powerful time saving feature can save countless man hours on the job and  ultimately, save you money.

Mobile Car / Automotive Detailing & Dry Carwash Industry:
Dry vapor steam cleaner are absolutely taking over the automotive detailing industry and for good reason too! Most auto detailers that try steam go nuts for it. We constantly hear our buyers saying things like "man, I just can't imagine how I ever worked without one" or "there is no question, I will ALWAYS have one of these for my detailing business" or "man, these things are awesome detailers" or "this really worked out well, send me another for my guys". There is no shortage of enthusiasm for how remarkably well these steam machines perform in the detail industry. After all,
dry vapor steam cleaners are the perfect detail cleaning tool be it antiques, machine parts or cup holders, seat bolts, dash boards and frankly just about the whole car. Don't forget the detergent injection system. If you are an auto detailing technician and don't have a vapor steam cleaner you are simply missing out. They save you time, money and do a far better job then past methods. They allow you to clean faster and deeper while at the same time killing odor causing bacteria, viruses, germs, mold and mildew as well as kill flees, lice, bedbugs and dust mites all during the course of normal use! Oh yeah,, did I mention steam is amazing on car leather seats?  Now available HORSE HAIR Brushes for delicate detailing work. Check out our leather seat cleaning video.

So how about the outside of the car? The "Dry Carwash" industry is exploding across the globe. All over the world the UN's agenda 21 is pushing for tighter and tighter water restrictions. This INCLUDES inside the US. Like it or not, agree or not one city after the other is passing water usage restrictions regardless of the amount of rain we get. Coming to a city near you. Frankly, we should resist and restrict this out of control global government power grab but that is another discussion.

With the Viper you can actually wash the entire outside of a car without even one drop of water hitting the ground. This means ZERO water waist and NO runoff! This allows you to run your mobile carwash inside of a dealership, parking garage or on the street even during a drought. It uses as little as 1 gallon of water per hour of steaming, uses no fuel, has zero emissions and has a whisper quiet steam generator making the Viper Auto Wash a truly environmentally friendly vapor steam cleaning machine. By the way, add some wash and wax soap to the chemical tank and you now have a soapy mobile carwash. This vapor steam cleaner does it all,,, well almost. It is not a vacuum or extractor! But we all have one of those already right? So here it is. One of the lowest priced FULL feature vapor steam cleaners available anywhere. Check out our dry car wash section for more information on this topic and watch our dry car washing videos.
Common Uses For This Vapor Steam Cleaner: The Viper Hot Auto Wash Heavy Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner is a fantastic cleaning system for commercial kitchens, automotive detailing, dry car washing, hotels, Air Conditioner fins, heating coils, facility sanitation, bedbug removal, floor grout cleaning, hard floor mopping including hardwood, linoleum and tile. It's chemical injection system makes it great for cleaning greasy deep fryers, cooking equipment, sinks, toilets, urinals, detail cleaning in factories, printing facilities, pet shops, hospitals, doctors offices, animal clinics, auto mechanic shops, even jewelers and dentists can benefit from this amazingly versatile cleaning technology. The Viper's chemical injection system takes this vapor steam cleaner to a whole new level.
Viper Hot Auto Wash Commercial Steam Cleaner
Now with HOT Detergent & HOT Water Injection
Heavy Duty Industrial Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner
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Viper Hot Auto Wash 80PSI Commercial Steam Cleaner Viper Auto Wash - Rear View of Vapor Steam Cleaner Viper Hot Vapor Rino Side View Steam Cleaner Viper Auto Wash Front View Vapor Rino Commercial steam cleaner
Included Accessories Quick disconnect 12 Steam hose with gun activated features hot water and steam activation on the gun! Powerful steam flow output
Clean tile and Grout - The perfect floor grout cleaner The Viper can clean AC and Heating Coils! See video! Dry Car Wash, Mobiel Detailer Fantastic Mobile Dry Car Wash
Full mobile Auto Detailing - Clean inside and out of cars Automotive Detail Machine
Great on Leater Seats (see video) Dry car wash machine (see video) Airconditioner Coil Cleaner KILL BEDBUGS, Lice, Flees and more ON Contact!
Steam hardwood floors Great grout cleaner Free Shipping inside the lower 48 US States
Steam in Action: Dry Carwash PT-2
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Steam in Action:Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
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Dry Carwash PT-1
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Leather Seat Cleaning
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Accessories Video
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Not all of the accessories shown in the video come with the Viper Hot Auto Wash but all are available for purchase. See included accessories above.
Viper Hot Auto Wash Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Intended Use: Full Commercial / Industrial Use
Voltage: Standard US & Canada Outlet - 120 Volts
Wattage & Amps: 1,800-W = 15 Amps at 120V
Power Cord: 12 feet long
Maximum PSI: 72.5 PSI
Maximum BARS: 5 Bars
Steam Hose: 12' Detachable & Replaceable Hose
Output Mode #1: Hot 95% Dry Vapor Steam Output - 100% Adjustable Steam Flow
Output Mode #2: Hot Chemical or Soap Injected into the Steam Flow
Output Mode #3: Hot Water Injection into the Steam Flow - Fully Adjustable Injection Flow - Just fill the chemical bottle with water instead of detergent. Perfect for rinsing & cleaning many surfaces
Gun Activation: Both Steam and Injection Features are easily Activated from the Steam Gun for on demand use!
Boiler Type: Dual Tank Continuous Fill (easy refill)
Non Stop Steaming Time: Continuous - add water any time without shutting down
Boiler Material: Stainless Steel Boiler & Body
Internal Flow Control: Safety Solenoid Steam Flow Control
Internal Steam Generator Capacity: 2.6 Liters
Boiler System Total Capacity including Refill: 4.6 Liters
Boiler Refill Tank on top of unit: 2 Liters
Total Fluid Capacity: 6.6 Liters includes boiler system & Injections system
Heating Time: Approximately 16 minutes from cold to ready to steam.
Internal Boiler Temperature: Over 300 Degrees F.
Steam Temperature at Nozzle Tip: Produces up to 210° to 240° Fahrenheit (98° to 115° C.)
Weight: 25 Pounds Size: 12H x 12W x 18L inches
Mobile Unit: Yes, unit is 100% Mobile
Manual Included: Yes
Body: High Grade Stainless Steel Body & Boiler
Color: Silver - Stainless Steel with Black Trim
Included Accessories
Warranty & Policies
Manufacture Lifetime Warranty 
1 Year Parts & Labor | 3 Years Parts | Lifetime on Boiler

Read more about the Manufactures Warranty here. Get answers to common Questions & Answers here.

If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center.  Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. Orders outside the lower 48 United States may have an additional shipping charge. Call for more information. We ship world wide! This is not a vacuum or extraction system. It is  a high quality professional vapor steam cleaner. If you have questions give us a call or you can write us here.

Our Units Have Over 20 years of service & dependability In The US!
The First & Best Line Of Vapor Steam Cleaners Ever Sold In The US!
NO ONE  else in the US can touch that record!

Constant improvement, upgrades & falling prices brings you these fantastic, affordable,
state  of the art vapor steam cleaners. From Mom's House to the US Military, Steam Works!

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