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CFC Dates back to 1997. It was originally a fun place for Christians to meet and play games online. It was also a place where you could meet and chat with like minded Christians. The CFC web site has been around since then but was not maintained. If you have visited in the past, we apologize for the past mess :).

NEW: 9-30-07, We will be open

We are rebuilding this site with a new purpose in mind. Our hope is to reach the lost and bring you a straight forward guide to Bible prophecy. We will do this by picking from the cream of the crop of web sites, web video broad casts, audio feeds, books, useful links and more. We also intend on posting major world event alerts on this main page. If something of importance happens we want to alert you immediately.

These are lofty goals but with the help of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ we will meet the challenge. For now, we want to get the old messy site offline and get this temporary page up and running. Here are some powerful links that maybe of use to you. By the way, are you ready? Jesus is coming! The time is short! Save your self and save the lost while there is still time.



More to come. We are just warming up! Stop back often for updates.

Has anyone ever asked why you believe you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord or why people accepted this man as the Christ? Most people, and rightly so, simply rely on the Gospels and the amazing, world changing wonder that was the life of Jesus Christ. However the world often scoffs at this. The good news is we have powerful evidence that he was the true son of the one God and that the bible is a real living document. The Bible predicted his coming over and over again.
If you ever wanted a complete listing of all of the prophecies on Jesus, this is it.


Ever wonder what is happening in Israel? I always wanted a way to see the headlines directly without going through the US main stream media. Well check out the Jerusalem Post Live.
As always, when reading from a media outlet use caution. Remember their secular point of view. Use your biblical eyes when reading. There is a wealth of information to be gleaned from this resource.
JERUSALEM POST - Current News From Israel

BIBLE SEARCH: This is a great utility. Simply click on the link below and search the bible by key word or book, chapter and verse.
Christ Notes, BIBLE SEARCH

PROPHECY REVEALED: Why do so many well educated, informed Christians believe that the end of the age is at hand. This VIDEO & AUDIO series will blow you away. A must watch!
MARANATHA 2  Prophecy Revealed



Matthew 24:11   (Read all of Matthew 24)
"And many
false prophets shall rise,
and shall deceive many"

QUESTION How can I avoid being deceived by false teachers?
Try following the simple rules listed below
I have seldom seen this information in print. In fact, I'm not sure I ever have. I have however heard many good, honest ministers speaking on this very issue. It is good stuff. These rules could very well save you or a friend a lot of disappointment and perhaps even hell. If you disagree with the following consider that JESUS WARNED US THAT IN LADDER DAYS FALSE TEACHERS AND PROPHETS WOULD BE COMMON AND THEY ARE!

RULE # 1: Never take ANY teachers word for it!
Ronald Regan said it best when he said "Trust But Verify". Always verify what you have learned by holding it up the the light of scripture.
RULE # 2: Never "FOLLOW" an individual other then Christ. It is not hard to find a believer that has become so enamored by their pastor that they become infallible in their eyes. This is dangerous. People can let us down, God is always faithful. Keep your eyes on the prize. The word of God and Jesus Christ. If your pastor or minister falls you will not fall with them. If on the other hand, your faith is wrapped around this one individual and not on Christ and his commandments you could very well find your belief system crushed.
RULE # 3: Watch Their MESSAGE! Remember, we are here to serve God, not the other way around. Give, give give they say. It seems like the majority of the time when I come across a "Christian" preacher on TV their message is all about what God can do for you. Often this focus is on giving money to God (to their ministry) so you can somehow get a 10 fold return on your investment. Are they kidding? Other times the whole message is on self improvement, or using your own will power to improve your life. All these teachings are clear warning signs. Do not be fooled! A real, faithful preacher or minister will preach the word of God, glorify God and give all credit to him. The focus will not be on your own personal gain or personal power but on how we can receive salvation through Christ Jesus and how WE CAN SERVE our lord, not how he is to serve us! Don't be sucked in by feel good preachers.
RULE # 4: What are they SELLING? These same unfaithful preachers try to sell you something be it holy water, tape sets or whatever. I guess someone has to pay for their $3,000 suits, right? The focus should always be on God and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. That being said, there is no sin in selling useful items like Bibles, shirts and so on but the focus should always be on Christ not money! Keep your eyes open and your hearts focused on Jesus. Read your bible.
RULE # 5: Don't get LOCKED IN. It is great to be committed when you find a good bible loving church. In fact I encourage you to become involved with your church and fellowship (hang out) with you new found Christian brothers and sisters. The problem is that sometimes believers get sucked into a bad or not so good church or denomination.  It doesn't matter if it is Catholic, protestant or some other church. Their teachings should be able to be held up to the light of scripture.  If your church tells you that they are the only way to God or Heaven then GET OUT OF THAT CHURCH NOW! They are 100% wrong. Jesus Christ is the only way. In fact, your church should encourage you to go where God tells you to go be it a new church, mission work or whatever as long as it serves our Lord. If something doesn't feel right where you are now, perhaps you need to find another body of Christ. Rule #1 Hold what your taught up to the light of scripture. NOTE: It is okay for your church to teach that Jesus is the only way, but NO ONE denomination or "Christian" group or off shoot has a lock on heaven.






Matthew 24:11  
(Read all of Matthew 24)
    And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come

MISSION #1:  To reach as many people in the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. 
    Are you going to HELL?
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Our #2 mission is to provide believers with useful information on the incredible wealth of prophecy God has given us in the Bible.
Did you know that some 28% of the bible is prophecy? The Christian Bible is packed with it. Often believers shy away from the prophecy side of the bible in fear that they can't or wont understand it when in fact much of it is very clear and easy to understand. You can't really understand the bible until you understand prophecy.





Please Stop Back Often For Important Prophicy Updates
Below we have provide you with may useful links. Enjoy and God Bless you!